Thursday, 17 February 2011

Coffee and Cake in the Sunshine

Spring feels like it’s in the air these days which is great. Things are starting to come together with the business too as the New Year starts to get going. I’ve got lots of fairs planned over the next few months and I’m increasing the number of great little places that I’m supplying.

Excitingly, I’ve also started to sell a range of my cakes and biscuits online through the really brilliant website Love Your Larder ( which is, essentially, a bit like an online Farmer’s Market with lots of great producers selling gorgeous food.

I was taking quite a few pictures of my cakes last week as I wanted to take advantage of the sunny days and show them off at their best ready for the start of the online sales.
Best of all, when all the pictures have been taken, but the sun’s still shining, there’s only one thing to do which is to sit outside, drink the coffee and eat the cakes!