Friday, 8 October 2010

A Picnic in the Autumn Leaves and Boiled Eggs for Breakfast

I love picnics more than lots of things. Food always tastes so much better when you eat it outside and picnics remind me so much of when we were little. We used to do lots of walks and picnics then, in summer and winter, even when it was cold and raining (which it often is up here!) The picnics I remember the most were in high summer, during the hay harvest. Dad would be doing the harvest and every lunchtime over those days, Mum and I would pack some sandwiches and cake (usually chocolate) and we would take it over to where Dad was working to have lunch with him.
I had my heart set on a picnic yesterday (even though it was a bit drizzly) so we packed up the sandwiches, the flask of tea and another trial toffee apple cake and set off for a walk in the autumn leaves.

I also have exciting news from our hen house! We have had some Black Rock hens for some time now, but until yesterday, they hadn’t laid any eggs.
We were putting it down to the stress of moving into a hen house with lots of older, bigger hens so, imagine my excitement when I went to collect the eggs to see 3 tiny, deep brown eggs! I had one boiled for breakfast and it was so lovely.


  1. Hi there! - thanks for popping by, what a lovely blog you have, and some inspiring cakes and photo's!
    Picnics are the best - I remember one sat in the car on the sea front at Arnside, it was pooring down, cold and miserable, my parents had my brother and me climbing into the boot of the car and passing forward bit's of picnic food and drinks - we couldn't see out of the car windows for steam and rain - fantastic!


  2. just tried to post a comment and it got lost, you'd think i'd be able to do that by now...

    anyway, it went something like, 'wow! the eggs look great (we have the same scale pan) and yum! intrigued by the toffee apple cake (recipe please) and loving the hunter wellies...!