Monday, 1 November 2010

A Trip to the South Coast and Fish and Chips for Supper

We have been away for a really lovely holiday on the South Coast (hence the lack of Blogging!) The weather was absolutely fantastic-more like Summer than Autumn/Winter and we had lots of gorgeous walks on the beaches.
We also went to some really gorgeous foodie shops and ate some amazing meals (best of all, a huge portion of Fish and Chips after another walk on the beach-I don't think there are many things that taste as good).

Purely on the grounds of research, of course, we also ate some amazing cakes! We had a trip up to London and went to the very lovely and inspirational Primrose Bakery: their chocolate cupcakes are highly reccommended!

and also to the equally delicious Hope and Greenwood for another retro-glam sugar fix!


  1. The Hope & Greenwood shop looks amazing! I've got their book but never been in the shop

  2. It all sounds good. Glad you managed to fit in some cupcake eating.

  3. ahh I am craving fish and chips now. You know the real fish and chips you only get on the Northumberland coast!