Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Make Time for Tea

Here at the Scarlett and the Spotty Dog Cakery, we love Tea! And when I say Tea, I don't just mean the drink, I mean the little baked treat of some description to go with it-you know, the piece of battenberg cake, the ginger biscuit or the slice of toast and jam. There's something about the 'something to keep me going' in the middle of the afternoon that feels like such a treat, but not so much of a treat that I won't have it every day. As my Mum would say, I need it to keep my energies up! 

But, I've noticed that here at Spotty Dog HQ, we may be in a bit of a minority. Lots of people, for different reasons (lack of time, guilt over 'snacking' are the most often quoted) don't have some kind of drink and a baked pick -me -up mid afternoon.  And I think this is a real shame. If you're at work or not, it shouldn't be impossible to spare 2 minutes to grab a drink and something cakey or biscuity to eat. Try it and (without wanting to sound corny) I promise you'll feel that life is just a bit better than it was before!

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